Melanie is a passionate ambassador for New Zealand Riding for the Disabled (NZRDA) and a volunteer at North Shore RDA in Stillwater.

Riding develops and improves balance, coordination, and muscle tone. Interaction with horses improves concentration, self-discipline and self-esteem. Not to mention the improvement in communication and social skills. A horse it seems is a far better listener that you or I could ever be!

RDA receives no government funding, relying on sponsorship, grants and donations.

Reaching more Riders. Changing more lives.

If you can help please visit or call 04 234 6090.

Melanie's love of people and her commitment to the community is evident in the many hours she donates to charity organisations.

Riding for the Disabled, Hospice, The Himalayan Trust, Breast Cancer Support, Kiera’s Angel Walk, YWCA and Sweet Louise and are just some of the charities close to her heart.